Mike Quinn ITM

Michael Quinn, PhD, is the Evaluations Director of the ITM, where he collects data, conducts analysis, and measures the programs’ impacts.

Quinn is a senior research scientist in UChicago’s Department of Medicine and a social psychologist with extensive experience in the design, implementation, and evaluation of health education curricula.

He has conducted more than a dozen studies over the years as a co-investigator or principal investigator, including a community-based study that significantly impacted organ donation intentions.

He is also active in a evaluating a variety of large-scale UChicago projects that began at the ITM. Quinn works with the Chicago Diabetes Research and Training Center as Education Specialist, where he has developed and implemented successful clinic- and community-based behavior change programs in nutrition, exercise, and weight loss programs for people at risk of developing diabetes.

Quinn also trains physicians to use effective behavioral counseling and motivational interviewing approaches with their patients.