Patrick Corrigan

Patrick Corrigan, PsyD, is the ITM’s Illinois Institute of Technology Affiliate Leader. He coordinates Illinois Tech research efforts vis-à-vis the ITM’s mission of improving health care for all, and connects Illinois Tech researchers with ITM resources, funding, and more. <br><br>

Corrigan is a licensed clinical psychologist and Distinguished Professor of Psychology at Illinois Tech and previously was professor of psychiatry at the University of Chicago where he directed its Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation at UChicago. Corrigan’s work in psychology examines the challenges of social injustice to physical health and wellness goals for people with serious mental illness. He stresses the importance of understanding the impact of health stigma and social determinants, especially ethnicity and poverty.

Aside from his career in academia, he can still fix a broken circuit breaker thanks to his experience working as an electrician while in college.