Human Imaging Research Office (HIRO)

The Human Imaging Research Office (HIRO) is streamlining medical imaging for researchers at the University of Chicago one scan at a time, saving them hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars.

As part of the T1 Research and Technology Cluster at UChicago’s Institute for Translational Medicine (ITM), HIRO helps investigators orchestrate clinical trials with an imaging component so that the work can be done faster and in line with strict study guidelines. HIRO is currently involved with about 300 active studies spanning 15 fields across the university, and the ITM helps make it accessible by giving  up to $5,000 through its Core Subsidy Awards to offset the costs of using HIRO’s services and those of other UChicago core facilities. In the last nine years, the ITM has awarded more than $779,000 to more than 130 investigators for core subsidy support.