Keiichi Sato, PhD, is the ITM’s Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) Affiliate Leader. Keiichi is director of Process Innovation for the Trial and Recruitment Innovation Office (TRIO) Core, where he spearheads the creation and implementation of design-informed recruitment and operation strategies for ITM clinical trials. As the Charles Owen Professor at Illinois Tech’s Institute of Design, Keiichi teaches design theory and methodology, product and system architecture, human-centered system integration, and interactive systems design. His research focuses on the creation and development of interactive products and services, many of which can be applied to the healthcare realm. His recent projects include advanced technology application to health care and elderly care environments, next-generation automotive systems, and distributed healthcare systems. He is widely published and celebrated for his academic and professional achievements with over 70 papers and articles, and was recently honored with the Best Paper Award at ASME Design Engineering Technical Conferences.