Pathobiology of Disease Seminars are held every Thursday throughout the academic year. Photo by: Kathleen Ferraro/UChicago ITM.

Pathobiology of Disease Seminars bring renowned experts on a variety of topics from the University of Chicago and around the world to share their findings and discuss translational research over lunch.

These educational sessions are open to everyone and take place every Thursday afternoon at 12 p.m. in room P-315. Lunch is provided, so come with a curious mind and an empty stomach!

The series is supported by the ITM and the University of Chicago Department of Pathology.

Want to see what a Pathobiology of Disease Seminar is like? Read our story about a recent session, where Andres Roma discussed a new way of staging cervical cancer.

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Know someone who should present? Contact Julian Solway, Co-Director of the ITM, at jsolway*

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