The Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation (ALCF) honored ITM-Rush leader James Mulshine, MD, with the 2018 Asclepios Award on Nov. 9 for his pioneering work fighting lung cancer. Mulshine, the ITM’s Community and Collaboration Core director, is an internationally renowned cancer expert who has spent decades working in early disease management to improve outcomes for lung cancer patients.

“Diet, exercise, lifestyle, all these things are important, but we have early-detection tests, both imaging and molecular that are coming along, that will inform individuals to make better choices about their health,” said Mulshine, professor of internal medicine at Rush. “This type of diagnostic technology is scaffolding in which we’ll add molecular diagnostics and immunotherapy and cure even a greater fraction of people. We need all of science, but we need all people working with us to live as healthy of a life as they can live and make each day precious.”

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