Alverdy shares his research career insights at an ITM K Seminar.

A new UChicago startup is harnessing the microbiome to treat disease, thanks in part to research conducted by ITM investigator John Alverdy, MD. Alverdy’s research on the gut microbiome–the trillions of microbes believed to calibrate the immune system and contribute to likelihood of disease–helped launch startup Gusto Global’s drug development.

“We believe it may be possible to treat chronic and acute diseases like allergies, infections or irritable bowel disorder by delivering microbes—living micro-organisms—into your gut via a pill. These micro-organisms will interact with the patients’ immune system and the microbiome that is already in their gut to help reduce inflammation and wipe out disease-causing pathogens.”

– Jack Gilbert, PhD, co-founder of Gusto Global.

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Source: UChicago News