ITM Investigator Launches Company

UChicago News featured ITM investigator Cathy Nagler’s research and new company, ClostraBio, in a recent article:

When Cathryn Nagler set out to develop drugs to treat childhood food allergies, she knew she was heading into unchartered territory. Although Nagler, the Bunning Food Allergy Professor, has been a research scientist for more than 30 years, she had no plans to go into business.

“Some scientists are very interested in entrepreneurship,” she said. “I’m not one of them.” Yet, she started a new company called ClostraBio and less than a year later, it has incorporated, received funding and hired its first employee.

The process has involved the Institute for Translational Medicine, the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation and its Innovation Fund, the Institute for Molecular Engineering , the Booth School of Business, and the University’s Biological Sciences Division. “Being able to form this company across all of these different parts of the University is pretty amazing,” said Nagler. “I’m just very, very grateful to have this opportunity.”

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Source: UChicago News