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The CRC is located on the 5th floor of UChicago’s Bernard Mitchell Hospital (5815 S. Maryland Ave.) in the W corridor.

For the most direct route, enter the Mitchell lobby (where the bridge from the parking garage takes you). Walk through the lobby, bearing to the right side past Au Bon Pain. Follow the corridor to your right, which zig-zags to the T elevator bank. Take the T elevator to the 5th floor. When you exit the elevator, take a right and another right (following the zig-zag path you were on before). This will take you to the D Corridor. Follow the D corridor past the Cardiac Care Unit until you reach the W corridor, which will be on your right. You will see a large silver sign for the CRC. Just enter the double doors, and go down the hall about halfway to the nursing station, and let the nurses know you have arrived.

Having trouble finding us? Call the CRC at 773-702-6978, or ask directions of the security guard in the lobby.

UChicago Medical Campus Map