Funding Deadline: Artificial Intelligence + Science Collaborative Research Program

The event is finished.

Want $500,000 for your AI + Health & Biology research? UChicago faculty researchers are invited to submit proposals for collaborative projects focusing on the intersection of AI + Materials Science and AI + Health and Biology. The funding opportunity is brought to you by the Weizmann Institute of Science (WIS), the University of Chicago, and Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago.

  • AI + Health & Biology: How can AI improve our ability to understand the rules of life, from the molecular scale to multicellular organisms and ecosystems? Topics include (but are not limited to) analysis of microbial communities; biomedical imaging; protein and chromatin structure and function; analysis of electronic health records.
  • AI + Materials Science: How can AI be leveraged to predict the properties and guide the design and synthesis of new materials? Topics include (but are not limited to) prediction of materials structure and properties from both data and physical principles; incorporating physics knowledge into AI systems; using AI to emulate PDE models of materials; analysis of microscopy data using computer vision.


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Jun 27 2022


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