We all share a common goal of helping people live their best, healthiest life. Health research helps find new treatments and behaviors – like what to eat or avoid – that doctors learn and use when seeing their patients. A big hurdle in the pipeline to finding new breakthroughs is getting healthy and non-healthy patients involved in clinical trials. This core works to seamlessly weave health care delivery with health research to advance health care for all, involving patients, doctors, health care systems, and more.

  • David Meltzer, MD, PhD
    University of Chicago

    Learning Healthcare System Core Leader

David Meltzer

ITM Learning Healthcare Systems Core Leader

David Meltzer, MD, PhD, is leads the ITM’s Learning Healthcare Systems and TL1 Training cores, where he oversees the leveraging of clinical resources to support research that helps improve health care delivery and outcomes, as well as the ITM’s postdoctoral training program.

Meltzer, who is a professor of medicine, general internist, and an economist, focuses his research on problems in health economics and public policy in order to improve the cost and quality of hospital care. He helped establish the Chicago Learning Effectiveness Advancement Research Network (Chicago LEARN), which pioneered collaboration between Chicago academic medical centers in effectiveness research.

He is also a research associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research, an elected member of the American Society for Clinical Investigation, and past president of the Society for Medical Decision Making. He serves as chief of the Section of Hospital Medicine, director of the Center for Health and Social Sciences, and chair of the Committee on Clinical and Translational Science.

Reach him at dmeltzer@medicine.bsd.uchicago.edu.

Core Site Leaders
  • Richard Cooper, MD

    Professor of Medicine and Cardiology

  • Mary Harris
    University of Chicago

    Career Coordinator

  • David Ansell, MD, MPH

    Senior Vice President for Community Health Equity