The Career Development Core helps junior researchers get the education, mentoring, and other resources necessary to launch a career in translational medicine. This core includes the Career Development program that offers 75 percent protected time to tackle a research project of the scholar’s choice, salary support, and more – and its alumni have gone on to scale national initiatives and secure millions of dollars in additional funding.

  • Eric Beyer
    Eric Beyer, MD, PhD
    University of Chicago

    Career Development Core Leader

Eric Beyer

ITM Career Development Core Leader

Eric Beyer, MD, PhD, leads the ITM’s Career Development and Translational Endeavors cores, where he oversees the ITM’s training and education programs and initiatives.

Beyer, a professor of pediatrics, cell physiology, cancer biology, and molecular medicine, is a renowned expert in childhood cancers and blood diseases. He has presented at numerous conferences and seminars around the world. He runs an internationally-recognized molecular and cellular biology lab that’s widely known for making major contributions to the field and focuses on intercellular communication research, which could lead to new cancer treatments.

His work studying how to develop new molecular approaches to cancer therapy also helps pave the way for new or improved treatments for heart problems and cataracts. He has authored or co-authored more than 170 publications on these topics. In addition to his extensive cancer research, Beyer has been recognized as a top doctor by Chicago magazine.

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