The Hub Research Capacity Core streamlines health research across the clinical research facilities at all six ITM Institutes in the Chicagoland area, and it makes sure that those who are under-represented in research have easy access to the opportunities that matter to them the most.

  • Arlene Chapman, MD
    University of Chicago

    Hub Research Capacity Core Leader

Arlene Chapman
ITM Hub Research Capacity Core Leader

Arlene Chapman, MD, leads the ITM’s Hub Research Capacity Core, where she facilitates clinical research studies. Chapman also directs the ITM’s Clinical Research Center (CRC), managing the CRC staff and supporting the many academic and industry studies that take place there.

Chapman is a renowned nephrologist and professor of medicine. Her work focuses on hereditary renal diseases and rare kidney conditions, and she was integral in the development of new imaging biomarkers for polycystic kidney disease. Chapman also studies precision medicine and the role genetics play in predicting what medications are best to treat a patient’s hypertension. She has received continuous funding for her work from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for nearly two decades. She has authored more than 170 peer-reviewed publications and book chapters, and she holds membership on several NIH committees, the Scientific Advisory Council for the Polycystic Kidney Disease Research Foundation, and the Council for the American Kidney Societies.

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