Tom Champagne

Tom Champagne, MBA, is the Rush Administrative Director of the ITM, where he oversees its operations and staff.

Under Tom Champagne’s leadership as Associate Vice President & Chief Research Administrator, Rush University’s Office of Research Affairs (ORA) partners with faculty and staff to help them get funding, propose clinical studies, develop collaborations, submit grants, negotiate industry contracts, secure patents and licensing agreements, and more. Champagne helps accelerate translational research at Rush, aiding investigators as they progress their research from the lab into publications, new treatments, technologies, and commercial endeavors. He also oversees the ORA’s delivery of support to Rush research personnel, faculty, staff, and students.

Tom Champagne has more than 28 years of experience successfully balancing faculty, operations, and finance to execute organizational strategic objectives at Huron Consulting Group, Emory University School of Medicine, McKinsey & Company, and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.