ITM Investigators


ITM investigators have done more than conduct research–they’ve created some world-changing tools! From apps to data platforms, explore and take advantage of the tools developed by ITM investigators. Click the icons to learn more about individual ITM investigator-created tools.

Interested in researching and developing your own tool? Check out ITM funding opportunities or UChicago and partner institution funding opportunities for more information.

  • Jonas de Souza, MD
    COST is a tool that measures cancer patients’ financial stress as a side effect of their disease. This simple online questionnaire provides users with a COST score, which they can then show their treatment team to tailor treatment accordingly. Jonas de Souza, MD, an ITM investigator and assistant professor of medicine at UChicago Medicine, developed and validated the COST tool with his recent research.
  • David Beiser, MD
    Qualia Health
    Qualia Health is an app that can measure a person’s physical, mental and social health and show how their health compares to the general population. Based on a user’s inputs, the app also generates personalized feedback that allows the individual to take charge of their health. ITM investigator David Beiser, MD, an associate professor of medicine at UChicago Medicine, created the software platform.
  • Peter O'Donnell, MD
    Genomic Prescribing System
    The Genomic Prescribing System (GPS) is an online database of how patients’ genetic profiles respond to specific medications. Physicians can measure their own patients against these genetic predilections to help with prescriptions. GPS eliminates the need for patients to undergo individual genetic tests. Instead, doctors compare the patient to database profiles, and personalize medicine from there. Peter O’Donnell, MD, an assistant professor of medicine at UChicago Medicine, developed this interface as part of the The 1200 Patients Project.
  • Samuel Volchenboum, MD, David Rubin, MD
    Litmus Health
    Litmus Health is an app that collects real-time data from patients’ devices to track daily activity. Over time, the app reveals patterns that can predict “trouble spots” in how a patient deals with their particular condition. Once doctors identify these problems, they can intervene before an issue occurs. ITM Associate Director Samuel Volchenboum, MD, PhD, along with David Rubin, MD, collaborated with Litmus Health to track habits of patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).