While precision medicine has been proven to help patients, very few studies have looked at how it impacts African Americans.

ITM investigators – including David Meltzer, Doriane Miller, Robert Grossman, and Peter O’Donnell – and Northwestern University have teamed up to launch The African American Pharmacogenomic Consortium Network Transdisciplinary Collaborative Center (ACCOuNT TCC) to:

  • engage community leaders in this research
  • develop a precision medicine initiative for African Americans to see if the practice is as helpful to them as those of European descent
  • support researchers who are studying how African American genetics impact responses to medications

ACCOuNT is offering a Pilot Grant Program with administrative support from the ITM to stimulate community stakeholders to be the principal drivers of pharmacogenomics-enabling research projects that they conceive, plan, and execute with support from research collaborators.

Two projects focused on cardiovascular pharmacogenomics, or how a person’s genes impact their reaction to drugs for the heart and blood vessels, will be awarded each year. Awards will be made for up to $25,000 for each project.

The application deadline is September 15, 2017. View the RFA here and at the below button, and contact ITM investigator Doriane Miller, MD, at doriane.miller@uchospitals.edu with questions or for help finding a research or community partner.

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